Montana’s Largest & Finest Eviction Firm

Why Hire Us?

As you might have already guessed, there are reasons for our success. Here are some of the reasons why the largest landlord companies and many of the largest property management firms in Montana use HH Evictions, Inc.:


SET PRICES INSTEAD OF HOURLY RATES: We charge all of our larger landlords and managers set, per document rates as opposed to hourly rates. This makes it easier for you to anticipate expenses. (Not that you’ll need to. Our evictions are practically always inexpensive.) Set prices also allow you or your onsite managers to call us with eviction related questions without going on the clock. (Imagine how helpful this will be next time you are training a new manager.)

EXPERIENCE: Nobody knows this business better than we do. Nobody in Montana has evicted anywhere near as many people as we have. We estimate that we presently perform over 250 evictions per year. That amount is increasing steadily as more and more landlords and managers learn about our services.

FAST SERVICE: If you send us an eviction early in a day, we start on the eviction that day. If you send us an eviction late in the day then we start the next morning. Can you think of another law firm that moves that quickly?

NO CHARGE FOR TRAVEL: As mentioned above, we don’t charge anything for our travel time. We do this because we want your business no matter where you are in Montana.

We realize that our services might sound too good to be true. However, if you call us we will provide you with phone numbers for some of the largest property management and ownership companies in Montana for whom we have worked for many years.